CDC Meeting Minutes March 2012

Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation
Regular Board Meeting
228 East Marshall

Thursday, March 8, 2012, 6:30 P.M.

1. Call to order-Recognition of Guests: The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Amelia Giles @ 6:30 p.m.
§ Present: Amelia Giles, Billy Plake, Judy Womack, Kanita Larkins, Nancy Webb, Betty Samuels
§ Absent: Dr. Paul Westmoreland and Jon Bormann
§ Guests: Don Dupree, Donna Spies and Cheryl Snyder, Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce President

2. Conduct a Public Hearing regarding Forrest Moore Park Improvement, Wilson McKinney Park and North Park Projects: A public hearing was called at 6:31 p.m. There were no questions presented to the Board regarding the issues of the public hearing nor were there any objections. Nancy Webb made a motion to accept the Forrest Moore Park Improvement, Wilson McKinney Park and North Park Projects, Judy Womack 2nd the motion. Motion carried. Public hearing was adjourned at 6:32 p.m.

3. Aerial Focus-Map Presentation: Karen Smith with Aerial Focus made a presentation to the board regarding aerial maps. Aerial maps are a great tool to market a community. Businesses that are looking into moving in an area need to have a good picture at what land is available. The maps can be one-sided or if additional information is needed, two- sided maps are available. Aerial Focus will work with the Board in creating a map that fits our needs. Betty Samuels will check with the local banks to determine if any of them are interested in having the maps. If any are, they can contribute to the cost of having these maps made. Additionally, she will present this issue to the Van Alstyne Economic Development Corporation to determine if it can contribute to the cost.

4. Minutes from previous meeting: Minutes from February 9, 2012 were reviewed by members. Judy Womack made a motion to accept the Minutes, Nancy Webb 2nd the Motion. Motion carried.

5. Treasurer’s Report: As it is tax season, Nancy Webb has not been able to update information to be able to present the Treasurer’s report. A report for January and February will be presented for review at the next board meeting.
6. Visit Historic Downtown Van Alstyne Sign update: Betty Samuels is waiting on the application to be sent from TXDOT as well as other information regarding regulations of the sign.

7. City Calendar: The VACDC website is up and running. Events are currently being placed on the calendar by Laura Dapkus. She will provide training to the administrative assistant, Kanita Larkins, so that Kanita can also update the website. Guest Donna Spies suggested that the website, if it does not already, have a track counter that will allow us to know how many new users and how many frequent user visit the website.

8. Map of Historic Markers: Cheryl Snyder and Amelia Giles have drafted a map.

9. Nomination to CDC: Don Dupree has presented an application to be a board member. The board currently has an opening as a result of the resignation of Kanita Larkins. Mr. Dupree has lived in Van Alstyne over five years. He is the owner of Whistle Stop Café. He served twenty-four years with the Air Force and has also worked at Boeing. Amelia Giles made a recommendation that the board consider Mr. Dupree’s request to serve on the board. Judy Womack made a motion to accept the recommendation, Nancy Webb 2nd, Motion carried. Betty Samuels will request that this matter be put on the City Council’s agenda.

10. Chamber of Commerce request for help with Advertising for the Arts and Antique Fair in October: Donna Spies and Cheryl Snyder, president for the Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce, is requesting $7,500 to assist in their multi-state media campaign for advertising the Art & Antiques Fair that will take place downtown Van Alstyne near the rail cars on October 19, 20 and 21st of this year. They anticipate that this will be a high standard event bringing in numerous visitors to Van Alstyne in addition to local shoppers. As a result, many of the businesses in Van Alstyne, such as our restaurants and shops, will benefit from this event. Betty Samuels reviewed the budget and determined that VACDC could not grant more than $5,000.00. Judy Womack made a motion to appropriate $5,000.00 to the committee of the Arts & Antique Fair for advertising. Nancy Webb 2nd. Four accepted the Motion and Billy Plake was opposed. Motion carried.

11. Adjourn: Billy Plake made the motion to adjourn, Nancy Webb 2nd, Motion carried.

Minutes respectfully taken by Kanita Larkins. 03/08/2012