Façade & Infrastructure Improvement Grant Program

The purpose of this program is to improve the visual appearance and economic vitality of Van Alstyne by partnering with the local business community to help it improve existing commercial/retail/office structures. The goal of the program is to beautify Van Alstyne and improve the safety of local structures to make our City a more appealing place for residents and visitors to the area and to aid in the economic vitality of Van Alstyne. We do this providing matching funds for site improvements for those who qualify.

Check out this article in the Van Alstyne Leader from March, 2019 describing some of our recent projects around downtown (link opens in a new window).

To get started, download the Grant Program packet and application. For more information on the program or for any questions, contact VACDC Executive Director Rodney Williams at 903-712-2002 or vacdc@gcecisp.com.

Façade & Infrastructure Improvement Grant Program Forms:

Façade Program Packet

Façade Program Application

Façade Program Completion Form

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