Vision, Goals and Getting Involved!

The Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Van Alstyne by attending to the civic, cultural and social elements which contribute to the vitality of the community in Van Alstyne, Texas.
  1. Working to assure the economic vitality of Van Alstyne.
  2. Creating and implementing a coordinated marketing plan with VAEDC.
  3. Assisting in the development of quality parks and recreational areas for the city.
  4. Improving educational, social and cultural opportunities for the citizens of Van Alstyne.
Talk to us! The CDC is for everyone!

We encourage everyone living or working in Van Alstyne to bring their talents, skills and ideas to these goals. Newcomer? Retired? Student? All are welcome.

Are your special interests listed below? Have ideas not listed here? Please join us!

  • Art: An Annual art exhibit & sale; Ceramics Classes; painting classes (adult & children).
  • Music: Concerts, Workshops, Lessons — Examples: Battle of the Local Bands (Block Party, Street Dance).
  • Dance: Community Classes for ballroom dancing, individual dancing (ballet, modern, hip hop).
  • Language: Workshops: get together locals who speak another language with residents who want to learn.
  • Tai Chi: For adults, especially seniors.
  • Horsemanship and support of 4-H activities for both adults and children.
  • Handmade in Van Alstyne” — promoting local artisans (do you sell on Etsy?  Tell us about it!).
  • Farmers Market — Selling locally grown produce and meats downtown.

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